Olivia’s Art



Today I invented a new thing.

What you Need to do Olivia’s Art

  • String
  • A Cork from a bottle
  • A lid from a wine bottle
  • 4 old candles
  • A badge
  • A rubber
  • Chalk
  • tiny brush
  • pencil
  • train timetable
  • hieroglyphic sheet
  • a notebook
  • a small box to keep them in
  • paint (various colours)

How to Use these things

  • Use the cork and the wine top as stamps, to make patterns.
  • Use the string to tie things together
  • Use the hieroglyphic sheet to write in hieroglyphics
  • Use the train timetable for writing in
  • Use the badge for more stamps
  • dip the candles in paint and write or draw with them
  • use the rubber to rub out your mistakes
  • Use the pencil to write with
  • use the chalk to write in a notebook
  • have a notebook to write things in

Have Fun!