The Tooth Fairy Lost My Tooth!

Cartoon picture of a tooth

Lost Tooth

I was looking in my granny’s room and I looked at my desk and I saw an envelope and it said, “Olivia’s tooth, 2012”. I wondered how it had got there. I showed it to my granny and she said she didn’t know where it had come from. So we are going to set it under my pillow tonight and see if the tooth fairy will take it again.

tooth fairy

tooth fairy

I am now 8

I am now 8 years old and I am going to tell you what 8-year olds like to play with.



Lego Friends is great for 8 year old girls and 8 year old boys like lego too but probably not Lego Friends.

I like playing with Brio train track. Some people say that 8 year olds are too old to play with wooden train tracks but you can make really big tracks with all different sorts of track and get lots of different sets. My granny lets me put it up in her big room and it takes ages for the trains to go right round. Boys like trains too and even wooden trains.

8 year old girls like Rainbow Magic Books. They are about two girls called Christie and Rachel and the fairies that they help. There are naughty goblins and wicked Jack Frost.

Olivia’s Art



Today I invented a new thing.

What you Need to do Olivia’s Art

  • String
  • A Cork from a bottle
  • A lid from a wine bottle
  • 4 old candles
  • A badge
  • A rubber
  • Chalk
  • tiny brush
  • pencil
  • train timetable
  • hieroglyphic sheet
  • a notebook
  • a small box to keep them in
  • paint (various colours)

How to Use these things

  • Use the cork and the wine top as stamps, to make patterns.
  • Use the string to tie things together
  • Use the hieroglyphic sheet to write in hieroglyphics
  • Use the train timetable for writing in
  • Use the badge for more stamps
  • dip the candles in paint and write or draw with them
  • use the rubber to rub out your mistakes
  • Use the pencil to write with
  • use the chalk to write in a notebook
  • have a notebook to write things in

Have Fun!

July 2014

Monster High Dolls

Monster High Dolls

I am 8 years old now. I am starting to collect Monster High Dolls. The Monster High Dolls in the photo are Cleo and Abbey. They both cost £13. Abbey comes from the “Thirteen Wishes” film and Cleo comes from “Fright Cameras Action” film. Cleo has a handbag and Abbey has a lantern. The doll with the black hair is Cleo and the one with white hair is Abbey.

There are a few more Monster High Dolls I would like to get. The are Gigi, Jenifire, Nevra and Spectra. Gigi comes from “Thirteen Wishes” and Spectra comes from the  “Ghouls Alive” film. Spectra glows, she has a button to press to make her glow.

Dragon’s Egg

I have a dragon’s egg. I got it from Slemish. It’s a mountain. I got there in a car. My daddy took me. I have been wrapping it in bog cotton to keep it safe. I am really excited.dragonsegg001


bad policewoman

bad policewoman from hell appears in Madagascar 3. She kills animals. Alex gets rid of her.

I am going on an Easter egg hunt on Tuesday.